Lirik Lagu Morning Light - Rendy Pandugo

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Rendy Pandugo
Rendy Pandugo, Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2018. (Adrian Putra/, Jakarta - Come back again

Do you ever think about it?

Come back again

Red lipstick taste of cherry

When everything so blurry

And When your heart feels lonely

Oh I’ll be your home

Today, tomorrow, forever


Cause you’re my morning light

You shook my world,  just let me hold you tight

Will you taste my heart

Sweetest than any sugar

Just come to my world

You’re a piece of paradise


My soul is empty, you know

I’m going crazy

but you  give me something real

baby,   That’s all I can see

Oh Would you let me be falling

Falling into you

Today, tomorrow, together, forever


Come come come over baby

Red lipstick oh Cherry

Come come come over baby

Oh yeah I’m going crazy



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